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RJ The Story Guy will do his Book Signing at Treasure House of Books (Old Town) March 26, Noon to 4 pm

Craft Shows:

April 22nd-23rd: St. Pius High School: 9 am to 4 pm (10 to 3 on Sunday) 
May 6th: La Cueva High School: 9 an to 4 pm 


The first review of Dragon Train Rebellion has been posted today by noted fantasy author, V. M Sang: HERE!

(scroll down until you see the Rebellion book cover & review)

After many hours, weeks and months, Book 2 of the Dragon Train Quest is available to readers! Writing as “RJ The Story Guy,” I’m very excited to offer the book now on my SQUARE ONLINE STORE. To offer RJ your strongest support, just click on “Shop Now,” choose the book and make a credit card payment so you can receive a signed book from RJ. 

Here are the basics about the new book: 

After young Jaiden’s dramatic exploits to free Skye, the Blue Dragon, and her family from enslavement, Dragon Train Quest Book 2 continues as Skye returns. She liberates Jaiden from constant conflict with his father to join the free dragons of Septrion. Liberated from humans, only the warriors from the Old Dragon Wars and new escapees from slavery rule those northern desert lands.

Blue, Silver and Gold Dragons of Septrion strive to release more dragons from oppression and end the abuse. But when humans abduct Skye and Caerulus’ children, the time came to stand up and fight for Dragon Freedom!


Another Weekend, Another Craft Show

I’ll be selling and signing all my books at this popular craft show this weekend. Come by if you can! Grace Church in Albuquerque: 6901 San Antonio Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

RJ Returns to Bubonicon,

August 26-28th

For the last two years, this venerable science fiction/fantasy convention was cancelled due to the Pandemic. But not this year! I’ll be back with my books (including my RJ The Story Guy books, featuring Dragon Train) available for selling and signing. The details of the Con can be found here: Bubonicon.

Of course, I want you and any of your interested friends to come by and see me and take home some of my books, but the Con itself is a great event with famous authors in the genre giving talks, readings, signings as well as panel discussions on all aspects of the genre including movies, television, cosplay (participants dressing up as their favorite characters, contests, etc.), art displays, and other events.

I’ll be in the dealers’ room (see here for open hours) which doesn’t require an admission ticket but you really want to check out all the venues available at the Con, so come on over for an experience out of this world.

RJ Signing at Treasure House of Books and Gifts, 

next Saturday, June 11th, 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

At last RJ will sign books and chat with new readers once again at Treasure House of Books!  You’ll find this great bookstore in Old Town Albuquerque along the south plaza. This store and its owner, John, is a great supporter of New Mexico authors. Please Share this news with your reading friends.

RJ (as the Story Guy) is featuring his latest book: Trixie: Round Brown Ball of Dog and, of course, The Rio Grande Parallax Series (a new edition of Book 1 is available!), Dragon Train and his other books too. Don’t miss it or he’ll miss you!

Special Announcement: All Rio Grande Parallax books of RJ’s New Mexico Fantasy Epic are now available through new Buy Links HERE

RJ Signing all Books at St. Pius Craft Show, April 30th, 9 am — 4 pm

Don’t miss out on this chance to increase your supply of my New Mexico Fantasy Epic, The Rio Grande Parallax Series (including a new edition of The Tower of Il Serrohe) as well as my RJ The Story Guy childrens and young adult books. I’ll be there with other fine NM authors in the main gym. Let your friends and family know! St. Pius High School is on the West Side of Albuquerque just off North Coors (MAP).

UPDATE!: Christmas is coming and this is a great gift for those special dog lovers on your list as well as yourself. When I sent out notices about the launch of RJ The Story Guy’s Next Trixie AdventuresRound Brown Ball of Dog–John Hoffsis of Treasure House of Books and Gifts in Old Town Albuquerque let me know he had an unexpected opening for a signing, November 28th. I jumped on that like a dog on a bone and so I’ll be there from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. Great time to do your Christmas shopping in a unique venue and great little bookstore!

Also, RJ The Story Guy will be selling ALL my books in Albuquerque at two craft shows:

December 4 at La Cueva High School (MAP), 9 am — 4 pm


St. Pius Craft Show (MAP), December 11(9 am – 4 pm) & 12 (10 am – 3 pm).

If you can make it to a signing appearance, find it online starting November 15th at: RJ’s Online Store (credit card sales); Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo

RJ Signs Books at Treasure House of Books in Old Town, Oct. 3rd… Finally!

Since Before Covid (BC), I haven’t darkened the door of a bookstore for a signing. My sales and signings at the Artisan Market last month were the best I’ve ever done at such an event, but there’s still something special about being in a bookstore and meeting and talking to book lovers about my works. 

So, mark your calendars, take a break from the return of the Balloon Fiesta, and drop by Treasure House of Books and Gifts on the South Side of Old Town Plaza, October 3rd, 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. I’ll have my latest Dragon Train and Trixie Finds Her People books as well as my Rio Grande Parallax  Southwest Fantasy books available. Spread the news!

RJ at Artisan Market, July and August

Next weekend, July 9-11, 2021, I’ll return to the in person book event circuit at the New Mexico Artisan Market to sell and sign my books, including the two new RJ The Story Guy books for young readers. I will be joined by Joyce Hertzoff, fellow fantasy writer who has shared booths with me at many cons, book fairs, and other events the last few years.

Where: 1904 Bellamah Ave, Albuquerque, a more than 12,000 sq. ft. space located in the Sawmill District across from the popular new Sawmill Market and Hotel Chaco

When: Fridays from 5pm to 9pm, Saturdays from 10am to 8pm, and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.

My Young Adult pen-namesake, RJ The Story Guy, just received a new review of Dragon Train on Indie Promotions Blog, soon to appear on the Amazon page for Dragon Train. Check it out now: Dragon Train Review

RJ The Story Guy’s Reading at the Virtual QuaranCon 2021, April 11th

RJ reads the first two chapters from DRAGON TRAIN, Sunday April 11, 3:30 pm MDT, as part of the 2021 QuaranCon science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction online convention. To see the schedule of the entire event, details about the authors, artists’ alley, etc. go to QuaranCon 2021.
Since the “damnpenic,” as RJ calls it, still has most of our normal activities shut down, you can recreate the “Con experience” online at this great event which will be presented on YouTube. The link above will be your passport to worlds of fantasy and futuristic wonders. Don’t miss it. The entire con starts April 8th and continues through the 12th.
See you there, virtually!

VIDEO RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR RJ’S Panel Discussion, January 9th

promoting His Latest Book: Dragon Train

If you could not join the discussion live or would like to view the panel again, this recording may be viewed for up to four weeks until 12:30 pm, MST, Saturday, February 6th.  

Remember, the content of presentations is copyrighted and may not be reprinted, blogged, tweeted, written (of course notes are fine), orally transmitted, and/or reproduced without written permission of the copyright holder.This falls into the category of protecting intellectual property.  It would be a breach of copyright law to give away a detailed report of a presenter’s material. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated!

Author Panel Recording:  


Access Passcode: W8Ri$w0H

Author Books and Where You Can Find Them!

Catalina Claussen, Holding on to Hope, http://www.progressiverisingphoenixpress.com/ and all major booksellers.

Alexandra Diaz, Santiago’s Road Home, https://bookshop.org/shop/ADiazAuthor

Chris Eboch, Felony Melaniehttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0881KGDGW

Kersten Hamilton, Days of the Deadhttps://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33803202-days-of-the-dead

Kate Harrington, Ty’s Choicehttps://www.amazon.com/Kate-Harrington/e/B08RGKQGXZ?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1609876070&sr=1-1

Esther Jantzen, Walk: Jamie Bacon’s Secret Mission on the Camino de Santiago, https://www.amazon.com/WALK-Bacons-Secret-Mission-Santiago/dp/1733543910/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=WALK+Esther+Jantzen&qid=1609902383&s=books&sr=1-1

RJ Mirabal, Dragon Train, treahobooks@yahoo.com (curbside pickup or shipping available) also https://rjm-creative-arts.square.site/

Kari Veenstra, The Rescuer, http://kariveenstra.com/the-rescuer/

Linda Wilson, Secret in the Stars: An Abi Wunder Mystery, https://www.amazon.com/author/lindawilsonchildrensauthor

Rosemary Zibart, Beatrice on Her Own, https://bookshop.org/books/beatrice-on-her-own-volume-3/9781932926767

Dragon Train Earns its First Review

Dragon Train just collected its first review by British author and blogger, Vivienne Sang. Her dragon books are quite popular and I appreciate the time she has taken to give a very favorable review of my new book. Click here to find it.  

Facebook Interview with Treasure House of Books, December 17th

Just finished an interview with John Hoffsis and you can find it on his Facebook page as I discuss Dragon Train. Click on this Treasure House link to view the interview at your convenience. Thanks, John for the opportunity to talk about Skye and Jaiden.

Quarantine Specials!

First, check out the latest interviews of The Story Guy (RJ) on the Treasure House of Books Facebook page now available on RJ’s Facebook page and Southwest Writers website HERE. Please share with interested friends and family.

And second, I’m offering my Rio Grande Parallax Series for adult readers at discount prices to help you fill up your hours of quarantine due to the coronavirus situation. I know you probably have more spare time on your hands unless you’re in one of the occupations that’s desperately needed now. I’ve calculated my cost for each book of the trilogy, added in shipping and taxes to come up with the following pricing packages:

Any one book (Tower of Il Serrohe, Extreme Dust Storms, and Zero Visibility): $15 each (That’s it, total price for a signed book delivered to your home. Simply go to my Buy Page (for detailed info on the books), follow this link to RJ’s Store on Square and make your order)

The Complete Rio Grande Parallax Trilogy: $40. (Same thing, each book signed and delivered at RJ’s Store on Square)

Please note: I’ll send you the cookbook for free with any order. (cool!) 

At this time, eBook versions are not available because my contract with the original publisher, Black Rose Writing, expired. If there’s a demand, I can re-publish the books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as eBooks. Please go to my Facebook Page and make your request and if I get a sizable number of requests, I’ll get to work on it.

Big News about Trixie’s Award Winning Book!

2020 Indie Book Awards logo

Go to her page right now and find out the details. “Trixie the Brown Dog”

Trixie Followers, Book Alert!

Proper sitting May 17Same deal (signed book delivered to you) during the coronavirus quantine now that the Trixie book is available ($17, free shipping) on her Brown Dog website, please get the latest at: “Trixie the Brown Dog”

Also listed on Trixie’s website are the local bookstores that have her books on their shelves if you’ve missed some of my signings and don’t like to order online!

All news, updates, links, etc. will be found there. This site (scroll down) will continue to be my base for my fantasy stories for grownups.




Welcome to Fantasy Stories for

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Rio Grande Parallax design FINAL

 Welcome to my Rio Grande Parallax Series

Books I_II_&_III coversWant to join my email alerts list? See below:

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My Email Blast List

Please consider joining my list, if you haven’t already. I usually don’t send out emails often (about once or twice a month), so I won’t drown you in endless notices. But I do have events, news, and activities that you may be interested in, not only for my own writing, but other authors and book events.


RJ Goes to Class, April 29th

thI’ll do my “Research Between the Ears” presentation to a writing workshop/class at North Domingo Baca Multi-generational Center, Monday, April 29, 1:30-3:30 pm. I explore the creative process by engaging the imagination (between the ears) to research characters, setting, plot, and more in all genre, especially fantasy. Thanks to Dennis of Southwest Writers for inviting me.



Page 1 Indies Day, April 27th

Page One storefrontYou may remember the event the Saturday after Thanksgiving that urges shoppers to visit local businesses. This was something like it but it is specifically about supporting local, independent bookstores.

I served as an assistant at Page 1 helping readers find books on April 27th along with 12 other local authors. It was a pleasure to meet a number of readers and a couple of fellow authors I didn’t know before. As far as my own books are concerned, Page 1’s supply is good with two full sets of signed Rio Grande Parallax Series trilogy.

Other stores that have my books in stock are Organic Books, Treasure House of Books and Gifts in the Old Town Plaza, and Barnes & Noble at Coronado.

Organic Books and Gallup Author

Festival, First Week of April

After holed up working on new writing projects, I came out of the “cabin” the first week in Organic BooksApril. First, I met new readers and signed books at Organic Books in Knob Hill Shopping Center, April 7th, 3:00-5:00 pm. Organic Books was established near the end of last year by Steve Brewer, fellow Southwest Writers member. Steve, a successful author of comic mysteries, partnered with his wife and sons to create Organic Books, an independent new and used book store. Yay, “Indies”!

Already, they’ve hosted several authors and I’m pleased to have had my first chance in this area of town to meet new readers of my Rio Grande Parallax Series. CLICK HERE for a map and address. They have copies of my books in stock, so if you missed me, drop in around the corner on Carlisle, south from Central, down a few doors. Parking is around back and nearby streets.

Then… April 12-13, I presented my “Research Between the Ears” topic at the Gallup Author Festival on Friday, 4:00-4:45 pm, followed by a signing. I returned to the Festival the next afternoon and evening, 7:00-9:00 pm, to sell books as part of the Gallup Artscrawl. I attended last year when it was a one day event so it was a great chance to share my experience as a writer and meet many of folks in Gallup to introduce them to my books.

Octavia Fellin LibraryThe festival took place (Friday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm; Saturday, 11:00 am – 6:30 pm) at the El Morro Events Center, the Octavia Fellin Library (a couple of blocks south of the events center on 2nd Street), and other nearby locations.



RJ Goes to College (again)

Actually I was a visiting author to Steve Brewer’s (accomplished NM author–checkUNM logo out his cool, humorous mysteries) honors writing class at UNM. I discussed the writing life with his students November 14th.

This was not a public event but it was great doing this for the first time since I’ve started writing. Since I’m a retired teacher, it was a little trip down memory lane except I was the subject this time around. 😉


Welcome Virtual FantasyCon 2018 Visitors!

Browse around this entire site (see tabs above for other pages) to find out more about my fantasy trilogy and more!

I have a new book coming out soon (if all goesGoofy Trixie with Monkey cover well), The Adventures of Trixie the Brown Dog, which features true and fantasy stories for dog lovers of all ages. The title character, Trixie, is our rescue dog and it’s been quite an adventure bringing her into our lives!


RJ Joins the Albuquerque Museum Author Festival, November 3rd

Albuquerque Museum Author Festival 2018

It was an honor to participate in this Festival!




RJ Shifts Gears and Writes a Young Adult Flash Fiction Story

Erna Ferguson Public Library on San Mateo NE (a couple of blocks north of Comanche) for the month of September, 2018 displayed the results of a writing and illustration challenge sponsored by the local chapter of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). For the challenge, a number of authors submitted a one page story inspired by a work of art. My story was prompted by an intriguing work by local Grandmas Boot selfieprofessional illustrator, John Gonzales.

Lately, I’ve been at work on a project to write a children’s chapter book about my rescue dog entitled, The Adventures of Trixie the Brown Dog. The stories (a mix of truth and fantasy) appeal to all animal lovers, ages 6 to 106. So I’ve gotten involved in the SCBWI as a way to prepare for this genre change. This challenge was a sticking my toe in the water kind of thing.

I’ll post the story and illustration here in the next couple of weeks.

Soon, I’ll have a new website devoted to my future venture. Watch for it.


Bubonicon Celebrates its 50th!

RJ is a Little Older Than That…

Bubonicon 50 Rat 2018

Oh well, 50 years still seems like a lot of years even for a convention, much less me! But Bubonicon is my favorite science fiction and fantasy convention and this was another great time in the Dealers’ Room for Joyce and me.

Put it on your calendar for next year, usually the last weekend in August.

Bubonicon 50 cosplayI met many new readers as well as seeing those who have already supported me in the past.



Hey, Partner, RJ Headed to AMA-CON in Amarillo!


Since I’m on a comic con roll (starting with last year’s Galacticon in Roswell), my AMA CON 2table partner, Joyce, went out of state for the first time to Amarillo’s fast growing AMA-CON 2018 August 4th & 5th. There were close to 9,000 visitors!

They had many top guests from the comic world (publishing, games, movies, television, graphic arts) including the AMA CON Edward James Olmosfamous Miami Vice and Battlestar Galactica actor, Edward James Olmos.

I didn’t have the best of luck selling a lot of books, but I did interest a few people and had a great time seeing all the costumes and amazing things that are available at this comic con.

RJ Seeks Riches at Treasure House of Books, July 15th

Treasure House of Books new logoSunday, July 15th, I returned to Treasure House of Books to meet new readers and sign books. John Hoffsis, owner and host for my signing, runs the one bookstore that exclusively carries New Mexico authors.

Besides my books, you’ll find all genre of fiction and nonfiction by authors from all over the state. I was thrilled to sell more books in one hour during my time there than at any other event except my first launch!

Please visit Treasure House of Books and Gifts! Please share with your friends.

Duke City Comic Con, June 28-July 1

Inline image

I’ve done Comic Cons but not right here in Albuquerque until I went, June 29-July 1, 2108, to the Duke City Comic Con. It was interesting to meet this new set of potential fans of my fantasy trilogy though most participants were more focused on comics, games and movies instead of books.

Duke City ComicCon 2018Still, it was good to add some new readers. Next month, I’m off to Amarillo for my first out-of-state experience since I had my first book published. More about that soon.

Duke City Comic Con – June 29-July 1 2018.


My First Experience Presenting at a Writers Conference Was Great!

SF-Fantasy SWW June 2018 cover pix

I was very proud to be a presenter at this conference, my first experience presenting!

This conference, aimed at writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy, had plenty to offer in these genres as well as aspiring writers in all genres. Some of the top American writers and practitioners in these realms made presentations, so I was quite humbled to join their ranks. My topic was creating races of fantasy beings to match setting and suit the author’s purpose.

I only hope my attendants benefited as much as I did preparating for my talk. I had time before and after my presentation to attend other sessions and gained many new ideas for future projects.

SF-Fantasy SWW June 2018 flyer p 1________________________________________________


Heading Back to Los Lunas High

Battle of the Books

The annual Battle of the Books and Los Lunas High was the host school once again on Saturday, April 28th from 8:00 am until 12:45 pm.

Last year, I was blown away by the impressive new building at Los Lunas High. As a result, this year I was a little less bowled over, but still excited to meet a number of people who bought my first book and even a complete trilogy.

RJ Must Have Rocks in His Head!

Buffalo ThunderOne would think so because I sold and signed books at the Rock, Gem and Mineral Show at Buffalo Thunder Event Center and Casino April 7th and 8th! Why?? Simple, they offered a good deal on a table that fellow author and frequent table partner, Joyce Hertzoff, and I couldn’t refuse.

We actually did pretty good since there were only two other vendors who were selling books among all the rocks and gems. Thanks to any of you who became my latest readers! We might go back next year… we’ll have to see. Blue orb


Don Does an Interview, Reluctantly…

Mary Woldering elf image

Check out fellow fantasy author Mary R. Woldering’s interview with the always drool, always half-lit Don Vargas, my main character in the Rio Grande Parallax series. He’s up to his old tricks and would rather be drinking a beer, so you better hurry before he absconds!Mary Woldering portrait

Follow the link at the end and scroll waaay down to the half-way point on her page. Be sure to read other interesting stuff Mary posts on her blog. Wonderful fantasy material!

Mary Interviews Don Vargas

RJ Finally Talks–Sort of…

So what’s been going on with me lately? Little of this, little of that. To find out more click on your choice of my social media, below. Meanwhile, I’ll soon post upcoming events for 2018.

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“Indies First” Coming

To Page 1, November 25th

Page One storefront

Saturday, November 25th (day after “Black Friday“), is the annual “Indies First” celebration of independent bookstores all over the country (coinciding with Small Business Saturday). And, once again, I’ll work the floor at Page 1 12:30-2:30 pm, helping customers find books and–oh, casually mentioning my books on the shelves! 🙂 Please come by if you can and buy one or all of my books for a special someone who loves fantasy. Or for yourself. 😉

New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards

November 17th2017 NM Book Awards finalist logo

Didn’t cross enough fingers, toes, etc. so I’m still a Finalist, but pleased to spend the evening with many old and new friends in the region’s publishing community as we honored the winners.


ABQ Museum Author Fest, Nov 11th

2017 ABQ Museum Author FestThe ABQ Museum Author Festival (near Old Town), was pleasant to visit since I didn’t have to spend time at a table selling my books (though I’m always thrilled makeing a face-to-face meeting with new readers). I attended some of the presentations featuring successful local authors (some of whom I know) and saw a budding new author, Bev Allen, now working on her first novel.

Successful Signing, October 1st at the Coronado Mall Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Coronado MallSandra, the book manager, at the Coronado Mall Barnes & Noble has been a strong supporter of my work ever since we were next door vendors at Bubonicon three years ago.

As a result, she scheduled me during a very busy Sunday, October 1st, 10 am to 2 pm, where I signed books from the Rio Grande Parallax Series. A few got the cook booklets, too! I hope to return another time in the near future.

Treasure House of Books Signing, September 24th

Treasure House of Books signI had a great signing and enjoyed the company of my hostCookbook booklet cover Final John Hoffsis, Sept. 24th at Treasure House of Books. All three books of my Rio Grande Parallax Series and my new Valle Abajo Cook Booklet were available. I look forward to another visit with John sometime in the future.

Fellow Fantasy Author Features RJ “In the Limelight”

In the Limelight bannerCynthia Morgan, fellow fantasy author and Virtual Fantasy Convention participant, featured me on her website as her guest on “In the Limelight” for an interview. Check it out and please share. She had some great questions and I appreciate the opportunity to come before her followers.

RJ Traveled in Time to Bubonicon 49!

Bubonicon49_LogoAugust 25th through the 27th was another great weekend at the 49th Bubonicon Once again, Joyce Hertzoff (young adult fantasy writer) and I shared a booth in the Dealers Room for the duration.

I am very grateful for all the fine people who visited with me to discuss my books and I appreciate those who bought a book and/or a trilogy! Please, any of you reading this, I would love to hear from you with questions or comments. As I told readers this weekend: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”! I’m interested in knowing what my readers feel and think about the stories.

RJ and Joyce at Los Alamos Book FairIt will be four years since we first appeared as independent authors discussing, selling, and signing our books and we look forward to many more years to come.

Bubonicon is not a comic con, it is a highly respected science fiction and fantasy convention that celebrates, informs, and displays the best in the two popular literary genres. This year’s con featured one of the most prominent science fiction authors alive: C.J. Cherryh as well as Sherwood Smith, fantasy writer, plus other movers and shakers in the field.

A wide variety of workshops, displays, cosplay, and presentations kept fans salivating while they rushed from venue to venue.

Watch for it next year! 😉

The First Annual Moriarty ComicCon

Was August 5th

Moriarty sunset
The new Moriarty Comic Con was launched at their local community center. Many people came by and they have hopes of expanding and improving the con for next year. Watch for it.
Cookbook booklet cover Final
I’ve completed a special project cookbook, “Comfort Food of the Valle Abajo.” This booklet features 9 mouth-watering recipes inspired by successful New Mexico cookbook author and home economist, Linda Jaramillo Hughes, based on foods mentioned in my series. It’ll be available (for $2.50 or less) wherever I’m selling my books in person. Later, I’ll have it online, but right now, you’ll have to have some face-time with me to get your hands on the booklet.


RJ Invaded the Roswell Galacticon June 30-July 1

Galacticon booth RJ 2017

I had a good time at Roswell’s Galacticon, June 30th and July 1st. The Galacticon was a Comic Con in conjungtion with the famous UFO Festival. Thousands of UFO fans, including people interested in all things about outer space, visitations by alien beings, the future, the wild imagings of creative people like me, etc., attended movies, bought books and comics, attended lectures, and participated in costume contests (called cosplay).
Galacticon booth Victor 2017As a result, my friend, Victor Acquista (science fiction author), and I did well meeting interested folks, many of whom bought books. This quickly became my second most successful venue for selling books after Bubonicon Galacticon logo 2017(coming up the last weekend in August).
I’m looking forward to returning to the Galacticon next year!

Battle of the Books

Los Lunas Battle of the Books was awesome!

I spent a wonderful morning and early afternoon, April 29th, at Los Lunas High School, courtesy of the New Mexico Battle of the Books. The Battle is all about encouraging elementary and middle school students to have fun with their interest in reading. I knew nothing about this great program until this weekend.

I was honored to be invited as one of the New Mexico authors to display my books to parents and sponsors while the kids took breaks between rounds of the “Battle.” I met many people, both old friends, former students, and new friends. I had good sales and look forward to an invitation to next year’s Battle.

Since LLHS was where I taught for–way too many years to count–I was anxious to see the new campus (most of the buildings I taught in have been replaced by stunning new two-story structures). If I missed you, please plan on coming by around the same time next year if you can’t find me anywhere else.

Gallup Authors Festival, April 7-8

Gallup Authors Festival logoEnjoyed the big festival in Gallup, April 7th & 8th hosted by the Octavia Fellin Public Library, 115 West Hill Ave, Gallup, NM 87301.

Next stop, Moriarty on the 22nd. Hope to see some of you there!

Story Guy official logo

“RJ the Story Guy,” series on YouTube features me reading selected chapters from my books. Currently, I’m reading from The Tower of Il Serrohe. Check it out and please share its location along with the others with any friends who would be interested. Thanks!

youtube-logoI’ll post all the new and past “Story Guy” links–> Here, on the top of my “Tower” Introductory Chapters” page. My plan is to continue posting a new reading every Friday… more or less! 😉


Treasure House of Books, March 25th Signing

Treasure House of Books signI’m in debt to John Hoffsis for his cordial hosting of my signing at his Treasure House of Books in Old Town Albuquerque, Saturday! I had great discussions with visitors to this special bookstore as well as gaining new readers.

When it was quiet, John, his father, and I had some good conversations, so it was win-win. And he now has a full set of the Rio Grande Parallax series books., so if you missed me and live in the neighborhood, drop on by and pick up any or all of my books.

Zero Visibility Possible FRONT cover FINAL

Treasure House of Books and Gifts is on the south side of the Plaza in Old Town Albuqueruqe (see map). Big Thanks to John Hoffsis for his continuing support of my books!

While you’re there, John has virtually every New Mexico authors’ works on his shelves, so you can stock up for your own reading or gifts for the coming Spring and Summer seasons.


Upcoming Events, Spring and Summer 2017

Rio Grande Parallax design FINALCurrently, I have scheduled author events at the Moriarty Book Fair, and the Battle of the Books in Los Lunas this Spring. This summer, I’ll start it off with a first-time appearance to the Galacticon in Roswell during their famous Roswell Alien Crash weekend right before July 4th. I will also return to the Bubonicon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention later in the summer. Additions to my schedule and details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check out my weekly “RJ the Story Guy” YouTube postings as I read my way  through The Tower of Il Serrohe. Please share with your fantasy loving friends!  Thanks, RJ 😉


Extreme Dust Storms May Exist,

Finalist in New Mexico/Arizona Books Awards!


Extreme Dust Storms May Exist, Book II, is one of seven finalists in the Fiction: Science Fiction & Fantasy category! Though I didn’t win the category, as announced November 18th at the 10th annual New Mexico/Arizona Books Awards, I am still quite honored to be in such company as the other six finalists.

In 2013, The Tower of Il Serrohe, Book I, was one of six finalists. So far I’m two for three. Zero Visibility Possible, Book III, is eligible for next year’s awards since it was published a month after the deadline date for this year (just like Dust Storms last year!). Oh well, I didn’t want to run against myself anyway!

There were over 1,000 books submitted for all categories and only around 236 were finalists. See the total list. You may be interested in any number of these other fine books by New Mexico and Arizona authors.


RJ’s Online Store! Now you can order signed books directly from me (plus shipping and processing fees) with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express card. Go now…

RJ’s Store on Square


Did the Free eBooks Promo, March 3rd HAPPEN?   Yes, it did!

The scheduled The Tower of Il Serrohe free eBook promotion scheduled as a feature for March 3, 2017, happened on: Freebooksy, but I did not see any in my email account.

Anyway, my publisher reported 1,200 downloads! Yes! And there were several follow-up sales, so it was a success and if you were one of those people–“Thank you very much for your support!” And thanks to anyone who directed a friend to the event.

New Feature Article in

October, Albuquerque the Magazine

The October 2016 issue of Albuquerque the Magazine, p. 206, featured a full page interview with me about Book III, Zero Visibility Possible! I’m very pleased about this coverage by this major Albuquerque-area magazine. See the full report now on my Feature Article page, now!.


RJ’s Barnes & Noble Coronado Signing

Barnes & Noble Coronado Mall


I had a great signing at the Barnes & Noble at Coronado Mall on December 17th. Being in the crux of the Christmas season, there was a lot of traffic and I gained many new readers. Thanks to Sandra, the book manager and all who supported me!

There’ll be new signings after the first of the New Year, so stayed tuned. Right now, all three of my books (Rio Grande Parallax series) are available at Page 1 and at the Barnes & Noble. Little Treasure House of Books (in Old Town) has Books I & II on the shelves. Any other store can order my books, just ask.

Can’t make it to any stores? You can order with a credit card online at RJ’s Square Store (better act now, due to limited shipping timeframes) or personally with a check from me by mail order to my author email: rjmirabal@gmail.com (I’m featuring last minute shipping only on these email orders). See details and all other online vendors on this page.

Espejos de Aztlan interview on KUNM-FM, 89.9

Espejos logoNovember 7th, 7 pm, was my fourth appearance on Espejos de Aztlan with my good friend Henry Gonzales as my host. We talked extensively about Zero Visibility Possible, as well as the entire Rio Grande Parallax series. It was a pleasurable one hour of in-depth discussion.

Interview with Kalisara


Last night I had a great interview with Kalisara (Sarah Buhrman) on her “Pagan Musings” program discussing my Rio Grande Parallax series. She is a fellow Black Rose Writing author and we participated in a couple of panel interviews during the Virtual FantasyCon.

It was a wonderful experience talking about writing, the creative process, fantasy, etc. for two hours with her.

***Special Notice!***shadow-stalker-part-3

See my new feature on fellow author Renee Scattergood’s latest release–> Here.

 Victor Acquista, a good friend and new author, has released his debut science fiction novel, Sentient.

Check out the details about the book and Victor at the top of my “Fellow Authors” page.

Zero Visibility Possible Launch Party & Availability of my Books in Abq Bookstores

Page One storefront

Thanks to Dan, Craig, and all the crew at Page 1 for their kind and generous hosting of my Launch Sept 11th! Zero Visibility Possible FRONT cover FINAL

They still have some copies of Zero Visibility and Dust Stormsso drop by and clear their shelves so they’ll have to order more books! They should also acquire more Towers very soon. Haven’t been to Page 1 in a while? Here’s how you can find their current location: Map
You may also find my first two books on the shelves at the Coronado Barnes & Noble and Treasure House of Books and Gifts. Soon, I’ll have events at their locations so that Zero will be added to their inventory. 

Virtual FantasyCon banner with dates

 Pleased with Virtual FantasyCon

Say what? Say, “cool.” During October, 2015, a group of fantasy authors organized a virtual fantasy convention on Facebook with nearly all the features of a regular convention:

It wasn’t perfect, but it was a big event and I hope you were one of the attendees. If not, watch for it next year. I did get some attention from new readers during the week of Oct 9-16, I actually saw a good number of sales of eBooks the week before. Thanks to any who supported me!

I still have two featured fellow authors on the links below:

Feature on CD Gorri, CLICK HERE

And, CLICK HERE for Kim Cormack

“Attending” the FantasyCon didn’t require you to buy tickets, book flights, take a road trip, reserve a hotel… because it was all online. Yet visitors got much of the Con experience visiting booths for authors, publishers, artists, vendors, entering costume contests, book giveaways, and even attending panel discussions of all your favorite topics about fantasy literature… Well, you get the idea.

The Con should be much the same for 2017 except more streamlined and probably based on author’s blogs rather than Facebook pages except for those authors who only have a Facebook presence online.

I guess you can’t personally shake the hand and get an in-person signed book by an author, but that’s about it! I did energize my project to post readings from my series on YouTube during the Con and launched my mail order service for signed books just the week after.

Did I say there was a costume contest!  Cosplay info and photo

Bubonicon was Great as Usual

Bubonicon took place at the Marriott at Louisiana NE and I-40, August 26-28. I was in the Dealers’ Room and had another great Con experience meeting new readers and chatting with other interested folks. Joyce Hertzoff shared the space with me and our five books!
Sales were good, but I’m now ready to focus on the new book at the Launch Party.

Well-Known Fantasy Blogger Features My New BookRenee Scattergood

Renee Scattergood, best selling fantasy writer and blogger throws her Spotlight on Zero Visibility Possible. Check it out–Here!




Zero Visibility Possible is Released!

Zero Visibility Possible FRONT cover FINAL

Book III of the Rio Grande Parallax series has been released and will soon show up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and several other outlets in the next several days. I have a special launch party in the planning stages and will announce more about that very

I’ll mail my own signed copies later when I can get my hands on the new books. Meanwhile, Book III is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Page Foundry/Inktera, Scribd, 24symbols, and my publisher Black Rose Writing. And, yes, signed copies can be ordered directly from me, rjmirabal@gmail.com.

See the short description and teaser elsewhere on this site: Zero Teaser.

me. 😉

See a Teaser Excerpt from Book III (release this summer)

Read it now!

Rio Grande Parallax design FINAL

Signing at Santa Fe Railyards Farmers Market, Tuesday, June 21st

Santa Fe RailyardI had an interesting time discussing my book with some interesting people among all the fresh veggies, fruit, and other items you can find at this premier farmers market,  June 21st, in the Railyard district.

The New Mexico Book Association (NMBA) sponsors an authors’ table every week at the farmers market, so you always have an opportunity to browse other New Mexico authors’ work as well. Though I didn’t sell as many books as I would have liked, I did get the bonus of joining the NMBA. I look forward to meeting many authors, editors, publishers, and other professionals as I begin to take part in this Santa Fe-based association.

And a good time was had by all at Treasure House of Books

Treasure House of Books sign

Treasure House of Books, in Old Town (south side of the Plaza), has long been a favorite of mine and New Mexico authors due to John Hoffsis’ strong support. He probably stocks more books by NM writers than any other bookstore in the state because he only stocks NM authors! And he makes a point of reading every book he sells.

I had a signing on April 30th at John’s store and had a great time meeting readers and signing books. I featured my new Book II of the Rio Grande Parallax series, Extreme Dust Storms May Exist as well as Book I, The Tower of Il Serrohe.

Thanks to those who I met and especially to those who engaged in fascinating conversation with me. Here’s a Google map to John’s store.

Another Pleasant Moriarty Book Fair

This is one of my favorite book fairs and this year, on April 23rd, was my fourth visit as a participatingMoriarty sunset author. I was honored to participate in a the morning panel discussion with other authors. All together, 30 New Mexico authors in all genres had books on display.  The event supports Moriarty Library’s very worthy Adult Literacy Project.

A big thanks to those of you who became new readers. Please stay in touch, I like to know what readers think after reading my books.

Thanks for a successful signing @ Barnes & Noble, April 2nd!

Barnes & Noble Coronado MallI saw many new readers at Coronado Barnes & Noble, Saturday, April 2nd, 10 am to 3 pm, signing both The Tower of Il Serrohe and Extreme Dust Storms May Exist, the first two books of The Rio Grande Parallax. Thanks to all who passed on the word. 😉

 Check out Renee’s Spotlight on Book II, “Dust Storms”!

Renee Scattergood

My good friend and fellow author, Renee Scattergood has returned the favor and featured my second book on her revamped and widely viewed “Spotlight.” It’s a concise look at the book and my thoughts about it: Renee’s Author Spotlight

See my Spotlight on Renee and her wonderful YA fantasy series on this web site.

Looking for Reader reviews

If you have read my second book, Extreme Dust Storms… please consider posting a short review on any one of the following sites: AmazonBarnes & Noble,  and Smashwords .

Or simply comment here, on my Facebook pageGoogle +,  or send me an email at: rjmirabal@gmail.com

Thanks!! 😉

New Positive Reviews of Tower and Dust Storms!

I’m very pleased to share very complimentary reviews of my first two books in the series. Janis Cramlett is an author and blogger who has reviewed many fantasy books on her web site, including her latest on my books:  Authors and Angels

Here are some of her comments:  Tower of Il Serrohe–Every creature, character Mirabal crafted has a purpose, a place bringing this alternate world come to life. To think, yeah, it could exist.

Mirabal’s juggernaut of a plot twist will leave you slack-jawed just like Don was. When the revelation hits both you both at the same time. You both wonder why you didn’t see it before.

Extreme Dust Storms May Exist is a mind twisting read. Just when you think you may have figured the book out Mirabal tosses in a mind blast of a plot twist on you. Especially in the mind numbing cliffhanger. I can not wait to see what Mirabal has up his sleeve for the next installment.

I hope to have better luck than George RR getting out the next book, but I won’t curse it with anything more than to say, I’m trying hard to “get’er done!”

Three great Christmas Shopping Signing events at Page 1 and Barnes & Noble, Nov 8th, 28th, and Dec 5th!

Thanks to those who attended my first bookstore signings for Dust Storms!

Page 1 hosted me for my first signing, Nov 8th, which wenPage One logot very well.

Then they invited me to join other authors November 28th for “Indies First Day.” This event is celebrated across the country on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to spotlight independent bookstores as part of “Small Business Day.” It’s a way of reminding everyone that our smaller, local businesses deserve special attention after the hoopla of Black Friday.

I had fun meeting customers and new readers as well as fellow authors who were on duty about the same time: Robert, Ernest, Ashley,  and Jane. See you next year at Page 1 if they invite me back!

Barnes & Noble Coronado MallI had a successful and pleasant day at the  Coronado Mall Barnes & Noble, December 5th. There was an amazing amount of traffic. Lots of young parents with little ones coming for children’s drama and reading events. But even then, many

stopped to chat and I signed several of books. I will probably return to the store very soon to sell more books. I’ll post the date as soon as it’s arranged.

New Tower of Il Serrohe book cover!The Tower of Il Serrohe NEW FRONT cover downsized Nov 2015

For some time, I’ve wanted to update my first book’s cover. So I thought the release of the second book with it’s jazzy new cover was a perfect time. After some time in the incubation process, it is now available. Some of you who have visited my Amazon page already saw it. Here it is now. I’m hoping I’ll have Towers with the new cover available on the 28th at Page 1.




I had a great time at the Jubilee Arts & Crafts Fair on Sept 26th!

This is one of, if not the best run arts & crafts fair in New Mexico! It was well advertised, the setting at the Jubilee community center was spacious, beautiful, and inviting. And… the turnout was amazing. I have attended many events including book fairs where not much happens until around 10.30-11.00 am. When I arrived at 9.40 am to set up, the place was already buzzing with over a hundred shoppers!

Thanks to friends and new readers who stopped by! I will definitely attend again next year!

Jubilee sceneJubilee logo Jubilee Villa
601 Jubilee Blvd., Los Lunas
(Hwy. 6, past Huning Ranch 2.5 miles W of I-25)
Local Artists & Crafters * Gifts * Accessories * Jewelry * Food * Plants * Art * Baked goods* Fiber Arts * Book Sale * Metal Works * Chili Ristras * More!
Proceeds Benefit Valencia County CYFD Foster Children

Los Lunas Museum Reading/Signing

I made an appearance in Los Lunas Museum pixLos Lunas at their Village Museum Of Heritage and Arts, Sept 5th, 2pm. I know, I know, a lot of you probably think I belong in a museum, so this was perfect. I had a nice time there with Andrea as my hostess.

The museum can be found using this Bing Map. Almost anything you want to know about Los Lunas and Valencia County is represented there along with a constantly changing series of displays of the arts and crafts of the community.

I read from the new book, Extreme Dust Storms July 7 draftDust Storms. Check out my Dust Storms page for the details about the new book.

Bubonicon 47, I Came, I Saw, I Conquered!

Bubonicon 47 mouseWell, OK, maybe that’s a bit rich. But I did make almost twice as many sales as I did last year… and last year was pretty good! I saw a few folks from last year, but gained many new readers.

This year’s theme was “Women of Wonder,” which was a more perfect fit for me because my new main character in Extreme Dust Storms May Exist is 16-year-old Esther Jiron, a young wonder woman in her own right.

My first radio interview talking about Dust Storms was broadcast live on KUNM-89.9 FM  (find their podcasts and listen to  my interview) radio on the Espejos de Aztlan show, Monday, August 10, 2015 from 7.00 to 7.30 pm.Espejos logo
I was Henry Gonzales‘ guest for a discussion of the book and general topics related to the Hispanic background as well as the Magical Realism aspects of the story. Join Henry and I for this podcast!

Now I realize I should have come up with a shorter title! 😉 So, let’s just call it, Dust Storms. Extreme Dust Storms July 7 draft

You can get your hands on Dust Storms in any one of several ways. I prefer you come to one of my launch events, hear a reading, chat with me, and get your book signed personally. Right now, I’m starting “the tour” in the Albuquerque/Los Lunas/Santa Fe area.

There will be other events in the area and beyond into the Southwest and… the world… as I go on the road to no telling where, shamelessly promoting my book! Stay tuned.

But, if you can’t make it to any events, you can buy directly from me or the following outlets:

Amazon        Barnes & Noble      Smashwords     Black Rose Writing

Or… me! At: rjmirabal@gmail.com for a signed copy of Dust Storms, personally mailed to you for $25. For The Tower, mailed copies are $24, $45 for both.

Go now to my special page devoted to the new Book II!

Fellow writer, Penny Ehrenkranz, has just posted an in-depth interview she conducted with me a little before Dust Storms was released. If you think you know a lot about me and my writing, she has a few surprises in her discussion with me. Check it out on her Blog Spot: One Writer’s Journey

Thanks, Penny for taking the time to talk to me!

Magic of Solstice Blog Tour Comes to an End

Actually, it’s not really over unless you’ve read all about my 15 featured fantasGraphic rectangle Banner for FBy authors this month. The whole tour is available for your browsing on my special WordPress web site as well as what they had to say about my writing. There is some repetition, but many have unique features about my books, characters, etc.

Gutierrez-Hubbell House Hosts South Valley Writers’ Book Signing, Today! June 20th


Did I miss the train or what? I’ve posted this event on my social media about taking part in this great event, but didn’t post it here! If it’s not too late for you, try not to miss “Writers’ and Readers'” event at the Gutierrez-Hubbell House, 6029 Isleta SW, in the South Valley of Albuquerque (a couple of miles south of Rio Bravo Blvd). I’m looking forward to join fellow authors today, 11 am – 2 pm. I’ll sign my “Tower of Il Serrohe” book as well as promoting the upcoming sequel. Click here or call 505-244-0507.

Graphic rectangle Banner for FBI’m slaving away right now working on features to introduce you to new fantasy authors as well as familiar ones in this exciting Blog Tour.

Already, I’ve featured Cheri Schmidt, KJ Hawkins, and Rebecca Jaycox.

Check out these authors and the upcoming schedule of author features launching June 1st: Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers’ Tour.

In addition, one of the ambitious authors, Renee Scattergood will feature authors on her special Author Spotlight blog.

Time is a Persistent Mistress!

My high school class is having a reunion this summer. I can’t believe it’s been that long! But time waits for no one, especially when we’re not paying attention! Any way, if you’re a fellow classmate, check out our new FB page. More info will be coming.  facebook.com/LLHSClassof65

New Review on Scattergood’s Shadow Stalker “Bundle”

SStalker FB BannerYou may have caught my review of Renee Scattergood’s Shadow Stalker, Episode 7 release. Well, here’s my more detailed review of the previous six episodes.  And there’s more to come because the story is not done yet! Check out my new review else place on this site: HERE.

Moriarty Authors for Literacy Book Fair

moriartyLoading up my new copies of “The Tower,” handouts, book marks, and my table set-up so I can head out to the always friendly and fun Moriarty Authors for Literacy Book Fair this Saturday the 18th, 9 am – 4 pm. If you’re in the area, drop by. Not only will I be there, but dozens of other great NM authors and other displays.


Author Spotlight: Renee Scattergood

Exciting news for fantasy fans. Fellow writer, Renee Scattergood, orchestrates her engaging story-telling skills with the continuation of her Shadow Stalker series in Episode 7, “Bound by Fate.” Scattergood’s strength is her clear, direct, and involving prose that takes one along for the ride. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. The pacing of the dialogue kept the story moving while revealing more about the characters. Click here to buy @ 99 cents. Visit my special page for more info and my complete review.

My Latest Interview

If I am to be successful as a writer, the major reason will be what I’ve learned from fellow authors and publishing professionals in Southwest Writers (SWW), my writing organization in Albuquerque. My extremely talented editor, Peggy Herrington, has been a long time member and leader in SWW and she is only one of many who have helped me become a better writer.

So it is a great honor to be featured in their newsletter in an interview. Find it here. 

Second Book is Coming!

Are you getting as tired waiting for this book as I am? My sequel is now in my publisher’s hands. There will be a process of passing back and forth what is called the “book block” (or “galleys” as they used to be called in prehistoric times). The book block is an electronic version of what the pages of the published book will actually look like. It is my editor’s and my last chance to be sure the book will be as good as it can be.

So, I don’t know the release date yet, but to celebrate I’m going to start twice weekly postings on this site that will stir up your enthusiasm and hunger (dare I say it!) for the eventual materialization. I will post back stories from the first book as well as a few original stories.

I will post more Don’s Blogs from out of the archives (I promise… I really mean it this time), as well as other surprises. Even a few excerpts from the new book before it’s published.

Stay tuned!!  😉

RJ’s New “Professional” Facebook page

Nearly three years ago, I tried to set up an author’s page on Facebook, but I got off on the wrong dinosaur path resulting in a personal page that people had to “friend” rather than “like.” I didn’t even know the difference for almost a full year. Doh!

Anyway, since my second book will be coming out soon, I thought it was time to get more businesslike and establish a proper page as an author. Please visit it and like it, if you haven’t already: RJ Mirabal, Author

Now I’ll have to think of things to post that will, maybe, inspire a few people to comment! 😉

Coming in June: Magic of Solstice Fantasy Tour

Once was not enough. Now that the Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour is in the archives for you to peruse, I’ll be gearing up for another tour sponsored by Dragon Knight Chronicles (DKC) in June. More details to follow.

Right now, check out and “Like” the DKC Facebook page now.

January Blog Tour Guide!

Blog square icon(click title, above, to see tour guide or click icon, left, to go directly to tour and by-pass guide )

I’m please I took part in my first full-fledged blog tour with 15 fellow fantasy authors.  A different author was featured during the month of January sharing the details about their books and writing as well as a short interview or interesting special feature on their writing. I also appeared on their blogs and you may learn something new about me.

Check out the calendar for the tour and visit my Special Blog Tour site, and a Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Facebook page where you can follow and comment on the Tour, and, in the meantime, Happy New Year! 😉

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